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Deployment of tailored turnkey solutions

Lynx Integrated Systems Deployment of tailored turnkey solutions put clients in the driver’s seat, allowing them to monitor, control and make informed decisions about their facilities.

Solutions: Feature
Smart Building. IoT(Internet of Things) smart city

IoT (internet of things)

Edge to cloud solution for digital transformation and the implementation of all legacy and new generation devices and sensors.

  1. Smart Buildings

  2. Smart Cities

  3. Smart Store

  4. Smart Metering

  5. Smart HVAC (VRV/VRF)

  6. Smart Device monitoring (UPS, Solor, Generator)

  7. IoT Integration

  8. LoRaWAN Networks

Energy Management Solution

Building automation, NDIS, lighting control, monitored emergyency lighting, GRMS

Building Automation Solution

Deployment of tailored turnkey solution

  1. Lighting Control

  2. Monitored Exit & Emergency lighting

  3. Motorized widow treatment & building facade

  4. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

  5. System Integration

  6. Hotel room Automation

  7. Assisted living Technology

  8. Independent Living Technology

  9. Aged Care Technology


Deployment of tailored turnkey solution

  1. Electricity, Water & gas metering embedded networks.

  2. Private automatic meter reading

  3. Energy Monitoring software

BMS integrated plaform

Integrated Platform

Is the System of systems Platform –Collection of sub-systems that pool their resources and capabilities together to create an Integrated Platform, a more complex master system which offers more functionality and performance than simply the sum of the standalone systems.

  1. Offers a high level of operating comfort for the client

  2. Increased functionality through System Integration

  3. Increased Energy Efficiency through System Integration

  4. Increased Safety through System Integration

  5. Data driven maintenance

  6. Life cycle planning

  7. IoT Integration

Building Intelligence, IoT Cloud platform

Visualization & Operation Solution

Deployment of tailored turnkey solution

  1. IoT Cloud Platform

  2. Building Visualization & Control

  3. Building Intelligence

  4. Dashboards

  5. Hotel guest room (GRMS)

  6. Residential (Connected Home Platform)

networking, BMS, BAS


Deployment of tailored turnkey solution

  1. Systems Networking

  2. Systems Integration

  3. Wireless Networking

  4. Secure remote Access

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