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We are a master systems Integrator solution provider, delivering an intelligent environment in an innovative turnkey solution.

Our primary focus is on design, bringing engineering and functionality together with innovative products to give the client control, monitoring, energy savings and emotional functionality.

We were established in 1999 and with our growth and experience across a wide range of fields, we have now established ourselves at the forefront of modern installation and technology. Specializing in building systems integrated platform and advanced technological solutions.

More convenience, more comfort, higher energy saving, the demand for intelligent environments is continuously increasing. With our combined experience in system integration design and innovation, our expert team are fully experienced with addressing the needs and requirements of a world that is constantly evolving and renewing itself with the improvement of technology. Clients need to meet the demands of a changing world where efficiency, comfort and data driven results are driving factors, and integrating systems into their environment becomes a necessity.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience we are well placed to deliver the future of intelligent environment solutions. We believe a well-designed intelligent environment should enhance people’s lives and deliver a more sustainable, robust, efficient organization today.

Our customizable solutions and applications provide additional functionality on top of existing building systems. This master control solution enables all other sub-systems to run individually, control, monitoring of energy usage, and providing overall system performance analysis. Whether you are the owner, a facility manager, running reports, controlling devices, or observing your property, this has never been simpler or easier.

Our comprehensive and proven solutions offer more than building automation, we integrate all electrical systems (e.g. lighting, monitored exit & emergency lighting, Blinds, metering and HVAC.) also the ability to interface with third party systems. Wherever your investments or properties are, you can have peace of mind that your properties are all within your realm of control with LYNX.

Innovate your world!

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Our Vision

"To Enhance people's lives

through an Intelligent enviroment".

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"At Lynx Integrated Systems strong values are the key to successful business. Guided by this principle, below are our values guiding us to become world class."


Strive for better outcomes


Keeping it real


Finding better ways to solve problems


Deliver the unexpected


Consistency delivering
the outcome


Being accountable for the outcome


Committed in heart and mind


Together we can do much


Learn from our outcomes - refining the solution

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