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Service Request terms & conditions

The following unit rates shall be used to assess service rates.
These rates are based on the Perth metro area only – 50km radius from Perth GPO.

1. MINIMUM CHARGE – Technician
    During business hours                                  $255.00 + GST      Includes one technician and their first hour.
    Out of business hours                                    $335.00 + GST      Includes one technician their first hour.
    Weekend & Public Holidays -                        $1,175.00 + GST   Includes one technician and is charged at a minimum of four hours.


    During business hours                                  $95.00 + GST        Additional Fee for attend with-in 24 hours.
                                                                                                            The technician shall use its best endeavors to attend the installation during
                                                                                                            normal business hours within 24 hours of receipt of the customer’s request for
                                                                                                            such attendance.
    Normal Time -                                                 $170 per hr + GST per Technician (Charged at 1 hour intervals)
                                                                              $200 per hr + GST per Engineer (Charged at 1 hour intervals)

    After hours –                                                    $250 per hr + GST per Technician (Charged at 1 hour intervals)
                                                                               $285 per hr + GST per Engineer (Charged at 1 hour intervals)


   Weekends & Public Holidays -                        $250 per hr + GST per Technician (Minimum of four hours)
                                                                              $285 per hr + GST per Engineer (Minimum of four hours)


     As per labour costs.


    Materials will be charged at trade plus 10%.



  • This agreement will be a do-and-charge agreement as instructed by the client.

  • The client will make the Site available, safe, reasonably lit and ready to enable Lynx to complete the installation, together with parking for Lynx’s vehicle within 100 metres of where the installation is to occur.

  • Business Hours 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Work carried outside these hours is classed as Out of Business Hours.

  • The described work is based on the contractor’s representative’s inspection of the worksite or based on the customer’s information and instructions as the case may be. The actual extent of the work involved may not be evident before the work commences. In the event of a budget being provided this is done in good faith and does not constitute the final amount payable. The contractor undertakes to advise the customer of unforeseen problems provided suitable points of communication are arranged.

  • We reserve the right to have additional tradesman to meet OHS. 

  • 2% surcharge applies to all credit card payments.

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