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Northlink WA - RTAA

Lynx Integrated System were engaged to deliver the IoT lighting control solution for the new Northlink WA RTAA facility.  

​As a part of ongoing improvements, Main Roads WA requested that a review was undertaken to identify a possible methods to introduce LED based lighting and lighting control systems that allowed a reduction in energy usage and maintenance, within the RTAA facility.

Lynx's scope of works was to Design and commission a solution for the new RTAA facility.

Solution included user ‘web interface’, control, reporting, alerts and automatic control of lighting.

Applications which included were a combination of local control, PE cell control, web-Interface and vehicle detection solution to the facility.

Special features included the use of radar detectors to track occupancy.

Advantages included-

·         Increased energy savings

·         Increased safety

·         Control of individual zones

·         Status reporting on “occupancy & light levels”

·         Online System alerts

·         Proactive maintenance


The Result - state of the art energy efficient IoT Automation System giving the client complete control.

RadarDetection web1.png
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