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Lynx were engaged to deliver the Building and Guest Room Automation Solution for the Luxury Intercontinental Perth Hotel.

The hotel complex consists of 240 guest rooms and 3 restaurants.

Lynx's scope of works was to Design and commission a complete Building and Guest Room Automation Solution to the hotel complex.

Solution included user control ‘GUI interface’, control of all lighting, HVAC, curtains & blinds and integration with the Property Management system, fire detection & security system.

Applications which included were a combination of local control, timed control, PE cell control, presence detectors, remote and automated control, Monitored Emergency Lighting and energy management solution to the entire complex.


Special features included –

  • Presence detectors to track occupancy

  • High-level integration to the PMS.


Advantages included-

  • Increased energy savings

  • Distributed intelligence for flexible & reliable control

  • Control of individual rooms including: Lights, blinds & HVAC,

  • Status reporting on rooms “occupancy / unoccupied”

  • High level integration with HVAC & PMS.

  • Lower maintenance costs


The Result - state of the art energy efficient Building and Room Automation System giving the client complete control.

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