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Curtin University Library Review

Lynx were engaged to deliver the Lighting Control Solution in 2015 to the TL Robertson Library at Curtin University.

The TL Robertson Library is the most utilised building on Curtin campus, housing six floors of library collections, study spaces and a café over 19’143 m2. With 24 hour operation since 2014, it currently sees over 12,000 visitors a day during semester. It has undergone a three-phase refurbishment program which included, Intelligent lighting controls solution with LED lighting upgrades. This project is an excellent example of how energy reduction can achieve significant and permanent reductions in energy usage.

Project Features:

  • Motion detection network

  • DALI controls

  • Constant lux control

  • 55% reduction this month (08/2016) same time in 2014

  • 9’266 m2 of solar panels would be needed to match last month’s reduction in energy usage.

Great achievement Team X!

If you need help with your Energy savings from a company with a track record, please contact our office.

It Is Better to Reduce Than Produce!

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