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Intus Foras

Lynx were engaged to deliver the Technology

Ecosystem to this new Luxury home.

Lynx's scope of works was to Design and

commission an Integrated Technology Ecosystem

solution to the project.

Solution included Visual X Residential connected

home platform, comprising of:

User control ‘GUI interface APP’, control of lighting,

curtains, Multi-zone music, Multi-zone Video,

water features, CCTV, security system, Intercom

and wireless networking.

Applications included were a combination of local

control, astronomical time events, remote and

automated control to the platform.


Special features -

  1. Integration Multi-vendor interoperability

  2. Removal sub-system complexity


Advantages include-

·     Increased energy savings

·     Distributed intelligence for flexible & reliable control

·     Increased comfort and Safety

·     Remote access & management

·     System Integration / Global automated control.


The Result – a state of the art energy efficient Technology Ecosystem giving the client automated & emotional control.

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