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Lynx were engaged to deliver the Technology Ecosystem to this new Luxury home. Which included 3 levels of green luxury.

Lynx's scope of works was to Design and commission an Integrated Technology Ecosystem solution to the project.


Solution included Visual X Residential connected home platform, comprising of:

User control ‘GUI interface APP’, control of all lighting, Blinds, Multi-zone floor heating, Multi-zone HVAC, Sprinklers, pool, water features, window cleaning system, CCTV, security system, Intercom, AV systems and wireless networking.


Applications included were a combination of local control, timed control, PE cell control, present detection, remote and automated control to the platform.

Special features -

1.    Integration Multi-vendor interoperability

2.    The use of DALI light fittings.

3.    Geothermal heating / cooling

Advantages include-

·     Increased energy savings

·     Distributed intelligence for flexible & reliable control

·     Control of individual lights

·     Simple modifications – no need to alter 240volt wiring

·     System Integration / Global automated control.

The Result – a state of the art energy efficient Technology Ecosystem giving the client automated & emotional control.

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